Casserole Warmer - Standard Wall Plug
Casserole Warmer - Standard Wall Plug
Casserole Warmer - Standard Wall Plug

Casserole Warmer - Standard Wall Plug

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Here's One Casserole Dish That's Easy to Take Home After The Party!

A Fully Automatic, Self-Regulating, PORTABLE Cooking, Heating 
and Serving System for 9x13 Size Dishes!

  • Slow-cooks family-size casserole dishes from scratch!
  • Reheats leftovers to juicy perfection!
  • Cooks family-size frozen dinners!
  • Safely holds food at perfect serving temperature for hours - no over-cooking!
  • Includes easy-to-carry tote!

Fully contained system includes insulated, easy-to-carry tote that prevents tipping or spilling.

Patented Smart Shelf cooking element uses low-slow conduction heat to cook, reheat and hold food hot for hours without over-cooking, burning or drying out! Wipes clean with a damp cloth.

  • Watch as CBS Heartland Put Us To The
    "Hot Wings Test" at a Tailgate Party!


    One quick look at this video and you'll understand why we're launching the 9x13! For tailgating, parties, groups and family functions, no other product offers the quality, convenience and portability you get with the Hot Logic All-In-One Family Size!



I had spaghetti and chicken parm in my hot logic yesterday. I love this thing more and more each time I use it. Tomorrow will be pancakes and sausage! Guys here on the job all ask about it.

- Don T.

We got one a few weeks ago. It is a fantastic appliance. I pre make all kinds of food. Freeze it and at bedtime I pop it into the Hot Logic. When we get up in the morning our food is perfect temp ready to eat. We have ready taken it on road trips and we get to skip the high price trash food. We are loving it.

- Michael H.

On the go food prep at its absolute finest, I seriously love this thing. Being on the road 6 days a week I never miss a hot meal. I can literally cook up anything in this bad boy.

- Cain A.